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At Aerosol Solutions, we are in the business of providing
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The safety and peace of mind of your patients, dental staff, and the general public is our business. Our amazing patent-pending system is designed to maximize the capture of aerosols generated during dental visits.


Strong and Quiet Extraoral Suction

  • With a fan located away from providers and patients, the only sound in the operatory is air movement into the aerosol extraction arm (average range of 45 - 60 dB)
  • Removes aerosols powerfully from their source (100 - 150 CFM per arm on average), drastically reducing the COVID-19 and other airborne infectious disease risk to providers while performing aerosol-generating procedures
  • Multiple attachments available, including shielded (as shown in the video) and non-shielded, highly flexible end extension that easily accommodates the passing of instruments and allows for close approximation to the mouth

Protects the Entire Office

  • Provides dental offices and clinics a custom, permanent, built-in, office-wide aerosol capture and filtration system that removes pathogens, pollutants, allergens, dust, and particulates of all sizes from the air
  • Provides continuous aerosol removal from patient treatment areas, waiting areas, laboratories, sterilization spaces, and anywhere else contaminated air may be present
  • Generates directional airflow that minimizes the escape of airborne pathogens from the treatment room and converts any operatory with a door into a true negative pressure isolation room (additional gauge required)

Superior Quality

  • Filters office air at a higher HEPA filtration efficiency (99.99%) than even hospital operating rooms and the International Space Station
  • Molecular filter included in every system effectively removes odors, mercury vapors, nitrous oxide, VOCs, and other gaseous pollutants from the air
  • Industrial strength fan is made to withstand abuse
  • Filter housing made to cleanroom-level safety specifications
  • Top laboratory grade arms are made for chemical exposure

World Leading Combination of Engineering Controls

  • Extraoral Suction = Source Capture = little to no pathogens enter the ambient air
  • Directional Airflow = clean air moves into the operatory instead of contaminated air escaping into the general circulation of the office air
  • Airborne Infectious Isolation = Negative Pressure Isolation = operatories can be converted into bonafide negative pressure isolation rooms = pathogens do not leave operatories
  • Extra high HEPA filtration = cleanroom level filtration = some of the cleanest air on earth = virtually 100% of pathogens removed from the air with each pass through the filters!
  • Continuous flow of highly purified air = drastic increase in the number of officewide air changes per hour (additional 6-12) = significant reduction in wait time between patients
  • Built-in = no mobile carts + no power cord to pose a tripping hazard + no fan noise in operatories + minimal space occupancy + looks like attractive dental office equipment!