Since not all dental offices are created equally,

the solution should not be, either.


A designer will work with your office to determine your exact needs and create a system layout and design sized and customized to your office.  Providing a floor plan simplifies the process greatly.  However, a combination of sketches, video walkthroughs, photographs, and measurements can be used instead.  Once the designer has an understanding of your office layout, a schematic design will be generated that will be used to guide installers through the installation process.



The ultimate goal with every Aerosol Solution System is to remove as close to 100% of aerosols as is possible from their source, then to filter out as close to 100% of the particles in the air as possible, and return the safest level of purified air to your office.  In light of the current worldwide crisis, achieving this goal should be considered a resounding success! 

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However, a secondary benefit that is universally achieved is the creation of directional airflow within your dental office or clinic.


By strategic placement of air returns for the purified air, it is possible to generate a constant current of air that largely prevents air from areas of contamination escaping out into areas where the air is considered to be safe. Stated differently, the air will flow from clean areas toward areas designated to be areas of contamination. While this is the primary goal of negative pressure isolation rooms in general, in certain offices it is possible to convert operatories into true, negative pressure isolation rooms without any drastic changes to the space. If this level of safety is desired, an Aerosol Solutions System designer will plan the changes necessary to convert your spaces into true negative pressure isolation rooms.


Whatever your situation, we look forward to working together with you to to make you and your office or clinic a world leader in air safety today!