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Is The Aerosol Solution System added onto the HVAC system?

The Aerosol Solution System can be set up as an entirely separate system or integrated with the HVAC system. If set up to perform independently of the HVAC system, it is important to point out that it doesn't pose any significant challenge to the HVAC system as there is neither a net loss nor gain of air within your conditioned space. The HVAC system alone is insufficient for high level airborne contaminant removal, which is what our system excels at. Adding this as a standalone system to your office will bring cleanroom level air cleaning technology to your practice.

In new construction and remodeling situations, we design a hybrid HVAC/Aerosol Solutions System to perform the "right way," working in unison to move air from areas of low contamination risk toward spaces of high contamination risk. When joined with the HVAC system in existing spaces, a reworking of the HVAC system is in order to correct the "wrong way" (i.e. moving air in the wrong direction) in which HVAC systems have been installed in dental offices for decades. Then, the two systems are tied together such that all air that comes out of a register in your office is cleanroom-level air only.

What does The Aerosol Solution System use for filters?

​The Aerosol Solution System utilizes a prefilter, an activated carbon filter for the removal of odors and gases (including Mercury and Nitrous Oxide gas), and a powerful 99.99% HEPA filter​. The prefilters significantly prolong the life of the HEPA filter. These filters in combination mean virtually 100% of all pathogens, particles, and pollutants are removed from your office air on the first pass through the filters!

How much space does The Aerosol Solution System occupy?

​We designed The Aerosol Solution System to be space saving compared with the shop vac extraoral suction units on the market that occupy a lot of floor space and can be tripping hazards. In our typical ceiling mount installations there is nothing on the floor to avoid. The arm folds up and out of the way when not needed. The fan and filtration housing are typically placed in utility closets and will occupy a similar amount of floor space as a dental pump. Nearby wall space will be needed to accommodate the filter housing. The smaller the office, the smaller the housing.

The aerosol extraction arms in the pictures look slightly different. Why is this?

​We offer The Aerosol Solution System with either 3" or 4" diameter arms. While both aerosol extraction arms are extremely potent at source capture of aerosols and splatter, the 4" arms are able to nearly double the airflow capacity of the 3" arms. So, you are seeing both The Aerosol Solution 3.0 System and The Aerosol Solution 4.0 System in the photos.

How much noise is generated by The Aerosol Solution System?

In the rooms it is whisper quiet. If operated at the recommended airflow velocities, each arm generates approximately 50-60 dB. This is significantly quieter than air purifiers used by offices today and the shop-vacuum styled portable extraoroal extraction units! The fan, which is placed in a utility closet or mechanical room, generates approximately the same level of noise as dental vacuum pumps.